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All weapons are Hand Crafted and custom made when you order please allow up to 20 days for your purchase to be produced. The Weapons designer strives to build your weapons within 7 days, however wood availability can sometimes be sporadic and is seasonally based. - Will not ship to CA, NY or MA -


Samples of different woods


These are some of the beautiful woods that are available for your custom weapon (If you want something different please contact us for a quote)

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'Janka Rating

Refers to the amount of force in pounds that it takes to bury a .444" steel ball half it's diameter into the wood.'

White Pine in comparison is rated at 380.

Bubinga  Janka Rating: 1980 Cocobolo  Janka Rating: 1136 Purple Heart  Janka Rating: 1860 Ebony Janka Rating:  3692 Hickory Janka Rating:  1820

Custom Traditional Weapons hand-crafted from Ironwoods

Traditional weapons from Okinawa were created when the Japanese outlawed the carrying of a sword or other military weapons. The very crafty people of Okinawa still needed to maintain law and order and protect themselves from criminals. So they hand crafted weapons from everyday items that they used in their homes and occupations which was primarily agrarian based.


The long pole used to carry buckets of water became a Bo staff , the ox yolk and rice thrasher evolved into the modern day Nunchaku, Sickles used to harvest crops became Kama, and an oar used to move a boat became Eku . This obviously could go on and on, however we need to get to the rest of the story. Once they had decided to use farm implements as weapons, how were they going to use them? The answer is complicated and varies by the weapon, but in general each weapon was mastered by an individual (probably the people that used those objects in everyday life).


The person who carried water to his crops might have specialized in the Bo and when it later broke into two pieces during battle he likely learned to master the Nitanbo(2 half bo). Those that thrashed grain or plowed with oxen were the likely candidates to wield the Nunchaku. We strive to maintain traditional methods and workmanship. Our clients are expected to be trained or training in traditional Kobudo Arts and show a deep respect for both the weapons they train with and the laws that apply to them.

They are a must have for "Authentic" Movie Props

Menjo\Certificate Frame 11" x 14" Shown

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14" Nunchaku

14"  Nunchaku

Exotic Nunchaku

  • Price: $70.00

8' Naginata

8' Naginata

Graceful and powerful sweeping movements characterize this weapon

  • Price: $85.00